Are Dwight Freeney and John Abraham Headed to the Denver Broncos?

Photo via USA Today

Dwight Freeney and John Abraham are set to visit with Broncos brass and tour the team’s facilities today. My feeble mind is trying to figure out this potential. Would this be in addition to re-signing Elvis Dumervil, or to replace his services with one (or two) Pro Bowl players for a comparable price?

The Dumervil cut/re-sign/missed contract deadline thing was a total debacle. It’s definitely a stretch to think about the Broncos signing both veterans, but having a rotation of Von Miller, Dwight Freeney and John Abraham rushing the passer? That is dripping with potential.

Player interest in Denver is obviously boosted by the presence of Peyton Manning. Freeney and Manning have a long, shared professional history, and Abraham is well aware of what Manning has done to defenses for the last 15 years — he was often on the other side of the drubbing as a member of the New York Jets. Everyone wants the opportunity to win a ring, and, if you’re an NFL vet, there are few options possessing the appeal of playing with the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Denver is certainly staking their claim for another legitimate run at the Lombardi Trophy. John Elway managed to look like the smartest and dumbest man in football last week, wheeling and dealing with Wes Welker, while simultaneously cutting and then attempting to re-sign Dumervil. Now, as the stars are realigning, maybe it was just definitive John Elway foresight — the same gift he possessed on the field during the two-minute drill — that’s bringing everything together for the Broncos. The team needs to clear some cap space and it would seem that a farewell to Dumervil would be a savvy business move — assuming the team can score the services of one (or two) capable NFL vets.

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