Is “Kabooyow” Woman the New Sweet Brown? (VIDEO)

A challenger appears.

A loud, possibly intoxicated, probably racially profiled challenger.

Sweet Brown (of “ain’t nobody got time for that” fame) holds the crown as the current queen of disproportionately enthusiastic local news interviews about relatively mundane events. Before her, it was the “who all seen the leprechaun say yeah!” guy.

Sweet Brown’s reign may be coming to an end in the very near future, though. It won’t end with a thud, nor a bang, but a big KABOOYOW — the sound of hail pellets (according to this lady, identified as Michelle Clark of Brookshire, TX):

What are they even doing in local television newsrooms around the country?

Do they just wait for something slightly unusual to happen and then book it over to the hood in their news vans to capture soundbites from boisterously high black people with  less-than-ideal dental situations? Doesn’t that strike anyone else as, you know, sort of racist? It damn sure can’t be journalism.

Then again, I’m reporting on this story. BRB. Gotta go take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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