New Star Trek Trailer Is 138 Seconds of Explosions and Lens Flare (VIDEO)

star trek into darkness third trailer

Image via YouTube

The newest trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness has been unveiled, and this one will really get fans salivating.

It’s the longest trailer yet, surpassing the two-minute mark, which gives it time to tease us with more more exposition — and explosions — than the previous trailers.

Whereas the first trailer was somewhat gloomy and artsy, and the Super Bowl spot was infuriatingly brief, this new one delivers some satisfying wallop.

Aside from some the tantalizing bits of voice-over and brooding music, the new trailer features two things fans have come to expect from director J.J. Abrams: lots of stuff blowing up, and enough bursts of lens flare to spark a seizure.

Some highlights to watch for:

0:13 — Some 9/11-esque destruction of a high-rise, with businesspeople fleeing in terror!

0:22 — Lens flare!

0:30 — Brooding figure surveying post-apocalyptic wasteland with blowing trash!

0:33 — Blinding light with some serious lens flare!

0:38 — Rotorless helicopter-type thingy blasting photon cannons!

1:09 — Millennium Falcon! No, wait, that can’t be right…

1:24 — Nuke!

1:25 — Millisecond burst of sweet-ass lens flare on Spock!

1:36 — Gorgeous blonde in underwear!

1:52 — BASE jumping!

1:58 — More 9/11-esque destruction and terror!

2:14 — Credits!  Hmm, guess we didn’t need the explanation point on that one.

Enjoy. If you feel a seizure coming on, look away.

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