The Guy With Porn Logos Tattooed on His Face Is Trying to Raise Enough Money to Have Them Removed

Photo credit: Hostgator Dotcom on Flickr

Late last year, Manolith profiled the various people who have accepted money or other gifts in exchange for getting “dot-com boom”-era corporate logos tattooed on their bodies and faces.

One of the people we wrote about is Billy Gibby, also known as Hostgator Dotcom (when you’re willing to sell space on your face for just $75 to $300, selling your name isn’t exactly a giant leap). Gibby actually came across as a down-to-earth, if somewhat sad-sack, guy — once you got past the fact that he has logos for now-defunct porn sites all over his face, that is. He said that he sold his skin because it was the only option he saw for feeding his five children.

Photo credit: Hostgator Dotcom on Flickr

You’ll never guess what Gibby thinks about those tattoos he has all over his body now: he hates them! Wait… of course you guessed that.

Gibby told The Anchorage Press that he got the tattoos at a time when he was battling rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. He says that, despite the fact that they earned him money in the short-term, the tattoos have backfired because he’s now unemployable.

It’s hard to get a job with plastered across your forehead? You don’t say!

Gibby says that he’s now in therapy and on medication, and that his life has stabilized. He says that he’s ready to get the tattoos — especially the ones for porn sites that don’t even exist anymore — off his face.

The problem? He needs about $4,000, which he doesn’t have, to pay for the many tattoo removal procedures that would be required — 18 or 19 in total.

His genius plan for raising the money? Selling more tattoos on his body.


Has this guy never heard of telemarketing or any other real job that doesn’t require face-to-face interactions with customers?

“I have space on my arms, hands, chest and the legs,” Gibby said. “I won’t take ads from companies that are racist and I won’t do political ads either.”

Hey — a guy’s gotta have some limits, right?

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  1. The fake red eyes don’t help either. What a tool.