Is This Dice Gauntlet the Nerdiest Accessory Ever Created? (PHOTOS)

digital dice gauntlet

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The answer to the question posed in the headline is yes.

Yes, the +10 Electronic Barbarian Dice Gauntlet — priced at a mere 70 bucks — is the nerdiest thing you could possibly put on your body.  It must be.

It’s leather, furry and digital. That satisfies three important subsets of geekdom right there.

It allows you to roll dice — a huge variety of dice types, rolled one or two at a time — with the flick of the wrist.

Surely this thing wins the nerdy kitsch accessory war. Sorry wearable computers, periodic table jewelry and universal gadget wrist-charger, but you’ve been dethroned.

Hell, even this other Dice Gauntlet that came out last year can’t compete, due to its comparative unfurriness.

Anyone brave enough to wear the Dice Guantlet in public — ideally with a chainmail tunic, as pictured below — earns some serious hit points for courage.

dice gauntlet

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