This Australian Train Rapper Is Really Talented (VIDEO)

If the over-processed nature of contemporary pop and hip-hop is getting you down, this video might be just what you need to restore your faith in music.

The guy in the video is MC.Mooks, though he also seems to go by the moniker OTM, and he’s an aspiring rapper from Australia. He’s made a few solid train-rapping YouTube videos before, but this is going to be the one that lands him his 15 minutes of fame (and the inevitable guest slot on Ellen that comes with it).

Photo credit: mookieotm on YouTube

In the video, he drops a lengthy and varied verse while providing his own backing track by banging on different parts of the empty train car he’s riding in. That chair actually makes for pretty decent facsimile of a snare drum. He even drops in some more-than-competent beatboxing at a few points.

There’s something about his Aussie accent that really adds to the flow here. It’s definitely a more old-school rap sound, but who among us doesn’t dig a bit of the old school?

The worst part of the video — by far — is the cameraman. Not only does he shoot vertically (guess he’s never seen this public service announcement), but he drops a ridiculously indifferent sounding “Yeah bro… OTM all the way” at the end. His future hype man prospects appear to be very limited.

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