Batman vs. Spider-Man: A Scary Sneak Peek from Nature (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

batman vs spiderman

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It’s a question practically as old as comic book geekdom itself: who would win in a fight between Batman and Spider-Man?

The question may go officially unanswered until Sam Raimi and Christopher Nolan pair up to co-direct a spinoff to their respective superhero trilogies, which ain’t likely to happen.

So for now, we can only speculate on the outcome of such an epic Spidey-Batty battle.

We could look at the “tale of the tape” (pitting Batman’s absurd wealth and penchant for kickass gadgetry against Spider-Man’s superhuman strength and webslinging prowess).

Or we could look to Mother Nature, where a version of the showdown has already played out.

One might assume that in a battle between bat and spider, the larger and more acrobatic bat would win every time. Bats eat bugs. Case closed, right?

bat-eating spider

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It turns out that spiders capture and gobble bats all the time — in fact, much more frequently that anyone had previously assumed. A new paper published in PLoS ONE revealed spiders are chowing down on bats on every continent on earth (minus Antarctica).

The mere notion of spiders that can eat bats arguably induces more heebie-jeebies than the news we brought you a few months ago about the discovery  of winged spiders. That story turned out to be false, but the bat-munching spiders are all too real.

Have a look at the pictures and the video below, and good luck falling asleep tonight.

bat-eating spiders

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batman vs spiderman

Photo via

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