Bitcoin Tipper Allows Twitter Users to Tip Each Other With Real (Kinda) Money

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Barack Obama is a popular dude on the Internet. Heck, he holds the world record for most retweeted post and his infamous AMA crashed Reddit prior to the 2012 election.

He’s not going to get rich at the rate he’s earning money via Bitcoin tips on Twitter, though.

Bitcoin Tipper is a new service that allows Twitter users to leave tips for each other (the money kind, not the advice kind) using the virtual currency of Bitcoins. The tool has only been running for about a day, but it appears to be gaining a bit of traction.

That said, it’s not like users are throwing money at the Twitterers they love most. As has always been the case with Bitcoin, there’s still a lot of skepticism. During that timespan, Obama has earned just under $20 from users. That’s not exactly a living wage, but it does show that people are willing to shell out a little cash for the social media content they enjoy (and it’s a heck of a lot more than your crappy cat Twitpics have earned you).

Bitcoin Tipper has a long way to go before it can contend with the “retweet + favorite”  as the default method of showing you like a tweet, though. As things stand now, very few people are even aware of the existence of Bitcoin — and many of those who are have expressed significant concern about the viability of the currency. Far fewer realize it’s now possible to transfer Bitcoins to other Twitter users.

The Bitcoin Tipper website says that the service has been very popular, though. In fact, new sign-ups are currently closed due to high demand. The Twitter account @bitcointipper can be followed for updates on when things open up again.

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