Unlucky Soccer Player Hits All Three Posts With One Shot, Doesn’t Score (VIDEO)

The YouTube description for this video calls the player featured “the new Ronaldo,” but he might actually be a step above the former FIFA World Player of the Year. Even though this guy’s forced to play on a pitch lacking a single blade of grass and in front of so few fans you can make out each individual voice in the crowd, he’s already accomplished something Ronaldo can only dream of: hitting all three posts with a single shot.

Photo credit: Goalforyou1 on YouTube

Of course, any dreams Ronaldo’s had about such a thing were probably nightmares. Still, it’s quite a distinction.

It takes a tremendous amount of skill to fail to score from such close range, with the goaltender completely out of position. It takes magnitudes more to hit all three posts and still not finish the play with your hands in the air. Heck, it might be the hardest thing to do in all of soccer.

Kudos to you, unnamed soccer player in an unidentified nation. You’re the future of the sport.

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