Bored With Green Beer? Here Are 6 More Green Drink Recipes for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

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St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner and, as we all know, we’re required by law to act like we’re Irish for the day. This means cloaking ourselves in green clothing, drinking green beverages and possibly probably certainly taking on the green tint of a hangover the next day, releasing greenish pee all the while.

The old green-food-coloring-in-beer trick always works, but it can get a bit boring. Why not mix things up a bit this year? There are plenty of other green drink options.

Below, we run down a handful of green drink recipes for those looking to think outside the green beer.

Emerald Isle

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What sounds more like St. Patrick’s Day than an Emerald Isle? Have you ever had one? They’re fantastic after-dinner drinks. I wouldn’t suggest one after hammering 27 glasses of green beer, but hey… it’s St. Patrick’s Day!

1 oz gin
1 tsp green creme de menthe
2 dashes bitters


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This is a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day cheat, being a minty summer beverage, but if you need your fix, and you’re not feeling green beer, give it a go. You can make a mojito really green if you do a mint puree. Most opt for the fresh mint within the mix of liqueur. And, as we all know, fresh mint is very green.  Many like their mojitos made with a spiced rum, but I prefer a good white. It makes for a greener cocktail as well.

1 oz spiced (or white) rum
12 mint leaves (optional: ground to a paste)
1 tbsp sugar
0.5 oz lime juice
2 oz soda

Dublin Apple Cocktail

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This might be more of a drink you should order for your lady friend, or friends, but it definitely qualifies as green. For anyone in the mood for an appletini with a kick of Irish love, consider a Dublin Apple Cocktail, which mixes a kick with the sweet and sour.

2 oz Irish whiskey
1 oz sour apple schnapps
2 oz white cranberry juice

Midori Sour

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This is a drink many people love, yet few enjoy on a regular basis. If you’re spending time with some gals who aren’t fond of beer, introduce them to the Midori sour.

1 oz Midori melon liqueur
1 oz whisky sour mix
2 oz Sprite soda
2 cherries


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Sip it, don’t shoot it. If you’re unaware, absinthe has been legal for several years now, and it is still deliciously potent — and mysteriously green. You can add an air of mystique to your persona simply by having absinthe at your place or bringing it to a party.

Green Milk

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If you’re looking to go green from morning ’til eve, or you have some kids who really want to join in the green beverage drinking and you don’t want the title of “worst parent on earth,” you can always put a few drops of green food coloring into a glass of milk for a little novelty.

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