Man Picks His Nose on TV and Makes it Look Cool (VIDEO)

knicks trailblazers man picks nose

Photo via YouTube

Imagine this: you’re at a sporting event and you feel a pesky presence in your nostril.

You surreptitiously probe around with a finger until you’ve unearthed the niggling nasal nugget.

Then, to your horror, you realize that you’ve been digging for gold in front of a live TV camera broadcasting the event to millions of viewers.

What do you do?

Most of us would surely turn a bright shade of red — or perhaps a ghostly white — then reflexively turn away from the camera in abject mortification.

Not the guy in this clip.

This dashing hybrid of Richard Gere, MacGyver and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds realizes he’s been caught on camera performing a blatant nose-pick at a Portland Trail Blazers game.

His reaction: a debonaire wink at the camera.

“Yes, I picked my nose,” his wink seems to say, “but I did it with panache. Ladies, I’m now boogerless and ready to enchant you.”

Like. A. Freaking. Boss.

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