Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone’s Xbox 360-Style Game Controller Set for Spring Launch

We now know that Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy S4 smartphone will launch on April 26, 2013. But aside from scrolling by tracking eye movements, what, if anything, does this new handheld device have to offer?

Well, for one, it will be compatible with one super-sweet Xbox 360-style video game controller.

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The peripheral was unveiled at Samsung’s recent “Samsung Unpacked” launch event under the title “Game Arcade.”

The device literally snaps right onto the Galaxy S4 using a rectangle clamp. The controller’s look is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, featuring two analog sticks, a D-pad, and X, Y, A, and B face buttons in familiar colors.

There are even two shoulder buttons along the top of the peripheral (though the Xbox 360’s analog triggers are missing).

The controller uses two AAA batteries and boasts one-touch Bluetooth pairing, meaning games can be displayed on a television screen.

Samsung says the controller, which ships with eight games, will be released around the time of the Galaxy S4’s late April launch. The company says roughly 80 Android games will be compatible with the peripheral upon the Galaxy S4’s release.

It’s hard to consider this anything but a win for Samsung, which is already generating plenty of buzz for its Galaxy S4.

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