Guy Messes With Statue Street Performer, Gets Knocked the F Out (VIDEO)

This is justice porn at its very best, folks. A must-watch video for anyone who needs a pick-me-up this morning.

The street performer in the video above was just doing his normal, statue-y thing on a street in Surfers Paradise, Australia when a (possibly drunk) douchebag in a purple shirt (with a white collar… WTF) walked up and started getting all up in his face.

Photo credit: oathyRICH

Statue Dude took it, well, like a statue for a few moments, but it was the Wet Willy in the ear he was subjected to that seemed to turn the tide. Statue Dude remained motionless for a few more seconds, but you could sense that something was about to go down. Mr. Purple Shirt didn’t sense a thing, however, and he walked right into a strong right hook to the face from Statue Dude.

He then went right back to being a statue. Awesome.

It’s a real shame this video cuts off at this point, because it would be great to see how messed up Mr. Purple Shirt’s face got. Without confirmation, we’ll all just have to assume he died from his injuries.

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