Dave Grohl’s Keynote Speech Establishes Him as the President of Rock (VIDEO)

Dave Ghohl SXSW

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It’s hard to know whether to love Dave Grohl or resent him.

He’s cooler than the rest of us us. He’s wealthier than the rest of us. He’s more talented than the rest of us. By most accounts, he’s a lot nicer than the rest of us.

Now, thanks to his keynote address at the SXSW music conference, it’s quite clear that he’s smarter and better spoken than the rest of us too.


dave grohl sxsw speech video

Photo via sodahead.com

As the legendary drummer for Nirvana, frontman of the Foo Fighters and director of the tremendous new documentary Sound City: Real to Reel (to list just a few bullet points on his resume), you’d think Grohl could happily sit back and bask in his accomplishments.

Nope. That show-off had to go and make one of the most engaging and insightful speeches ever made about the contemporary music industry.

He talks about advice from Bruce Springsteen (a past SXSW keynote speaker). He recalls his self-education in punk rock and his early epiphanies in the DIY music-making. He urges fellow musicians and artists to embrace and fiercely protect their own creative wellsprings, regardless of fleeting fads or trends.

“It’s your voice,” he says. “Everyone’s blessed with at least that. And who knows how long it will last?”

Grohl’s voice — largely thanks to this keynote, which has “viral” written all over it — is clearly going to last a long time.

It’s not a quickie video (it’s a keynote, after all, not a tweet), but well worth setting aside 45 minutes to watch.

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