Conan O’Brien Busts Producer Jordan Schlansky And His Secret, Elitist Espresso Machine (VIDEO)

Photo credit: TBS

If you’ve watched Conan enough over the past few years, there’s a decent chance you’re familiar with associate producer Jordan Schlansky, performer of “various production-related tasks” (we never get a more specific description of what, exactly, he does for the show).

Jordan’s an enigma and Conan seems fascinated by him. It’s very hard to tell whether he’s genuinely a pompous dick who thinks he’s Italian (even though he’s actually from Buffalo), or whether it’s all an act. He seems to know a lot about gourmet cuisine and wine pairings, but then we learn he has a stash of Pop-Tarts in his dirty, disgusting office.

All we know for sure is that putting Jordan on camera with Conan with no script inevitably results in comedy magic.

Last night, Conan aired the host’s latest encounter with his mysterious associate producer. Conan confronted Jordan about a $500 espresso machine he had purchased for the office and accused him of taking steps to ensure no one else had access to it but him. As always, it was really funny.

Take a look:

The first time we met Jordan was during the writer’s strike of 2007-08, when late-night talk shows were really hard up for content. Then host of Late Night on NBC, Conan shot a remote segment in which he burst into Jordan’s office and basically harassed him, while Jordan took it with his trademark mix of deadpan responses and elitist attitudes:

Later, the two men went to an Italian restaurant together and the meal ended with Conan promising Jordan he would murder him:

They also went house hunting together, with Conan describing Jordan’s search for a property that “identifies with [his] energy” as a “freak show.”

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