KC Chiefs Cut Matt Cassel, Putting Him Out of His Misery

Photo via Business Insider

The Kansas City Chiefs have cut quarterback Matt Cassel.

This was a bad relationship from the start; one pretty much destined for failure. It still didn’t stop Chiefs fans for holding out hope during each Matt Cassel-led pre-season. Now, both parties can amicably part ways. Sure, I use the word “amicably” loosely. It’s probably more like, “Thank God we never have to see each other again.”

The Chiefs were looking for a potential trade partner for Cassel, but it seemed the team’s head brass woke up today and quickly realized a trade wasn’t within the realm of NFL reality. Perhaps Andy Reid could have scored some donuts and a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven for Cassel, but even that’s a stretch.

Is that cold? Too harsh? I have no disdain for the former Chiefs QB. I have no opinion of the guy. He’s not a very qualified on-the-field leader — that I can state with confidence.

I’m sure some team will pick him up to serve as a backup to… their backup. Maybe he’ll end up in getting another shot in New England, once again playing behind Tom Brady. There has been plenty of interest in Brady’s current backup, Ryan Mallet. The Pats could trade Mallet for some goods (particularly after losing Wes Welker), and then sign Cassel on the cheap. It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. As it stands, Minnesota allegedly has an interest in Cassel, proving there’s no end to the dysfunction in Minneapolis.

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