Amazon Slashes Price of Kindle Fire HD as Android Tablets Brush iPad Aside

Want a cheap tablet computer? Then skip Apple’s iPad and check out Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD slate, which is now available for just $269.

Amazon today announced a price drop for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. The WiFi version of the device will receive a $30 price cut, from $299 to $269, while the 4G edition will get a $100 price cut, from $499 to $399.

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Amazon says it’s making the cuts because of production changes that have made it cheaper to build the device.

The $269 version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD comes with 16GB storage and costs $230 less than Apple’s slightly larger 9.7-inch iPad, which also ships with a 16GB storage capacity.

Unlike the iPad, which runs iOS, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD uses a heavily skinned version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Both Apple and Google have digital download stores that boast well over half a million applications.

Overall, it’s hard to deny that the Kindle Fire HD is quite the bargain. And price is just one factor behind research firm IDC’s recent prediction that Android-based tablets will soon account for a larger share of the tablet market than Apple iPads.

IDC predicts that, by the end of 2013, Android devices will account for almost half of the tablet market. In contrast, Apple’s share of the market is expected to decline from 51 per cent to just 46 per cent.

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