McDonald’s Sued After Toddler Eats Used Condom Found in Play Area (VIDEO)

Hungry? You won’t be after this.

Here’s a story so disgusting that you might opt to skip not only your next meal, but all meals for the rest of your life.

McDonald’s is being sued for more than $50,000 after a mother claims her young sons ate something even more disgusting than McDonald’s food during a recent trip to the fast food chain: a used condom.

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Anishi Spencer says that she and her two sons, ages two and three, were inside a Chicago-area McDonald’s and decided to hit up the PlayPlace area. In there, the boys apparently found a used condom and allegedly decided to eat it.


To be fair, is there really much of a difference, on a molecular level, between a latex condom slathered in man-mayo and the “cheese” and secret sauce they put on a Big Mac?

Spence’s lawsuit says that McDonald’s should have done a better job keeping its play area clean and ensuring that “deviant activities” weren’t taking place inside. Considering that McDonald’s PlayPlaces have an age limit of 12 in most locations, it’s probably a safe bet that the condom was left there by some employees having a little McSex after hours.

Both of the children received medical attention following the alleged incident.

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