Porn Habits: ‘Granny’ and ‘Bieber’ Among Favorite Searches Around the World

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People in Finland like granny porn.

That’s a huge generalization, of course, but it’s a statistically verified one. The number-one term searched by randy Finns in search of a little naughty inspiration is “granny.”

And that’s pretty ho-hum compared to some of the smutty search terms compiled and ranked in a new, interactive infographic released this week by PornMD.

The most frequently used search terms among smut-surfers in the Romania, for instance, include “slave” and “mom and son.”  Let’s all say it together: eww.

In South Korea, “toilet” made the list of top-10 porn search terms. In Israel, “prostate” was the top term. In Peru, the fourth-most popular term is “Just Bieber” (sic).

In India — brace yourself because this one is rather disturbing given recent events in the country — a popular search term is “rape.”

Of course, the vast majority of frequently used search terms are unsurprising, run-of-the-mill euphemisms for private parts and biological acts.

And the single most popular search term, in practically every country around the world, is the name of that country. Japanese people like Japanese porn, Argentinian people like Argentinian porn, and so on.

One notable exception: the U.S. of A.  Americans like MILFs.

The PornMD infographic isn’t completely scientific (go figure). It only took English-language search terms into account, even if a given country is predominantly not English-speaking. This surely skewed the results, but probably not by much.

For the record, the Finnish word for granny is isoäiti.

We don’t recommend googling that word if you’re at work.

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