Price of Sony’s 3G PlayStation Vita Cut to $199: Report

If you’ve been thinking of picking up Sony’s new-ish PlayStation Vita handheld game console, now may be the time to buy. On its official website, Sony has dropped the price of the 3G version of the Vita $50 to $250, the same price as the WiFi-only version of the device.

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If that’s not cheap enough for you, gaming blog Joystiq reports that a number of U.S. retailers — including LA’s Century City — have cut the price of the 3G Vita to just $199.

But every retailer seems to have a different deal on the product. For example, with the exception of a $300 bundle that includes both games and hardware, GameStop has reportedly stopped selling the Vita altogether. Over at Best Buy, the price of the 3G version of the Vita hasn’t been dropped at all; there, it still costs $300 on its own.

What’s the deal? Some insiders are suggesting that Sony may be planning to phase out the 3G Vita and replace it with a 4G LTE edition boasting faster data transfer speeds. For now, that remains only a rumor.

The more likely explanation is that an official price cut is coming. Sales of the Vita — 3G and WiFi versions included — have been painfully slow as consumers dismiss the idea of paying $300 for a handheld console.

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 on the horizon, it’s even less likely gamers will be willing to part with hard-earned cash for a pricey handheld.

That said, the combination of a steep price cut and integration with the PS4 could help revive interest in Sony’s troubled device.

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