Golfer Gobbled Up by Giant Sinkhole (PHOTOS)

florida sinkholes

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Forget terrorism. Forget disease. Asteroids shmasteroids.

Fear sinkholes.

If recent news is any indication, Mother Earth wants to eat you up.

Just days ago, a Florida man was swallowed up by the earth when a sinkhole opened beneath his bedroom (proving once again that the most bizarre things always happen in Florida).

And now a Missouri mortgage banker is recovering from a dislocated shoulder (and presumably a double-bogey, at best) after getting gobbled up by a sinkhole on the 14th fairway of a golf course near St. Louis.

Mark Mihal noticed something peculiar about the fairway, so he went to have a look. Then that peculiar thing — the ravenous maw of Mother Earth — opened up and slurped him down into her muddy gullet.

He plunged 15 feet into an underground cavern that looked big enough to hold 10 other golfers (seven if they carry their own clubs).

Another member of Mihal’s foursome managed to clamber into the sinkhole and affix a rope to Mihal’s waist in what has got to be one of the most exciting things to ever happen on a golf course.

Mihal is fine, although he doubts he’ll ever play golf on that course again. Looking at these pictures of the fearsome 14th fairway, can you blame him?


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golf sinkhole

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