Mike Florio and Rich Eisen Have Passive-Aggressive Twitter Fight Over Percy Harvin Speculation

Photo credit: Scott Halleran

The new NFL league year officially begins at 4 p.m. ET today, which means adrenaline is already pumping among those who follow the league closely.

It seems like some of that adrenaline has made it into the brains of the guys who follow the league the closest — the media — and it’s affecting their judgment more than a little.

This morning, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com, perhaps the single most powerful person in the sport who’s unaffiliated with the league or any team, took to Twitter to post some completely baseless speculation about Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin, who was traded away from the Minnesota Vikings yesterday amid allegations that he demanded out:

What Florio said is, frankly, insulting — and it’s an affront to all who suffer from migraines. Harvin’s health issues are well documented and very real. Heck, the poor guy spent a whole week with a migraine specialist at the Mayo Clinic.

Perhaps realizing his error in judgement, Florio let the topic go — but not before retweeting one message of support from a fan who it’s probably safe to assume doesn’t have an M.D.

Soon after, Rich Eisen of NFL Network — one of the most respected football broadcasters in the nation — jumped into the discussion with this glorious nugget of passive-aggressive wizardry:

Florio responded:

Better than that? Sorry, Florio, but you have absolutely no right to take the high road here. Maybe your short-term memory is malfunctioning along with your judgment today, but you’re the guy who just called out a player with a debilitating medical condition for being an alleged faker.

Harvin might be a bad teammate and bad employee — there’s plenty of evidence that he wasn’t the easiest guy to get along with in Minnesota. To suggest the health issues that have plagued him for years (indeed, they began before he was in the NFL) are imaginary is disgusting, however. Healthy skepticism is a great thing, but baseless speculation is not.

NFL players risk their lives on the field every single week. Others in the league have fought back from potentially fatal diseases, like Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano beating cancer, to resume their jobs in the sport that Americans love more than any other.

Mike Florio owes Percy Harvin an apology.

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