Boxer Tracks Down Twitter Troll, Somehow Doesn’t Deliver Beatdown

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Curtis Woodhouse is a former professional soccer player and current light-welterweight boxer. Once, he assaulted a cop and had his boxing license suspended for five months.

He’s a tough dude. Not the kind of guy you’d want to mess with.

Behind the protection of a computer monitor and the “series of tubes” that make up the Internet, however, it’s pretty easy to be a tough guy.

When Woodhouse lost his boxing match to Shane Singleton on Friday night, and his light-welterweight title in the process, Twitter user Jimmyob88 decided he needed to deliver some insult to Woodhouse’s injury, so he sent the following tweets his way:

This wasn’t the first time that Jimmyob88 had abused Woodhouse via social media — he’s been at it for months. Perhaps feeling the sting more than ever before because of the loss of his championship belt, Woodhouse snapped. He offered a £1,000 bounty to anyone who could tell him the whereabouts of Jimmyob88:

Several of Woodhouse’s fans helped out and the boxer quickly tracked down his troll — he was less than an hour’s drive away — and Woodhouse headed out to meet him in person. When he got to the street Jimmyob88 resides on, he tweeted this photo and message:

At that point, Jimmyob88 made a mess of his pants. Like all trolls, it turned out that he was all talk. He quickly posted a retraction and apology:

Woodhouse declared victory and left the scene, never actually coming face-to-face with his abuser and never landing the punch that so many of us would have loved to see. Tweets of support immediately started rolling in from people who had followed the developing story on Twitter and they continue to pile up in Woodhouse’s timeline. Some people have noted that the story inspired them to stand up to their own bullies. Others have even jokingly tried to unleash Woodhouse on their enemies, claiming that they said bad things about him, too:

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