Pacific Rim Spoof Trailer Blows Away the Real Thing (VIDEO)

pacific rim sweded

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It costs millions and millions of dollars to create an epic, CGI-heavy Hollywood blockbuster.

It costs dozens and dozens of dollars — maybe a hundred, depending on the cost of cardboard — to perfectly spoof said blockbuster.

The official trailer for Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s cinematic love letter to gigantic robot monsters, bears all the hallmarks of its genre: a sparse but evocative voice-over, a recurring and disconcerting noise akin to the Inception horn, fleeting glimpses of enormous monsters and jump-cut glimpses of mass destruction on a global scale. Oh, and the requisite snippet of an inspirational speech from a military leader: “Today we are canceling the apocalypse!”

If you haven’t seen it yet — or even if you have — have a look and bask in all its Hollywoody bravado:

Pretty fun, right?

Pacific Rim spoof

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Not nearly as fun as a spoof video posted yesterday on the YouTube channel Dumb Drum.

With a tiny budget and enormous creativity, these guys created a shot-for-shot remake of the official Pacific Rim trailer that serves as a perfect satire of all its ludicrous blockbuster-isms. The Inception-like horn is replaced with a guy saying “bwoaoww.” The scenes of destruction are played out on toy cars in Styrofoam pellets. The human defenders in giant mech-suits have been replaced, ingeniously, with human defenders on elliptical trainers.


In the lingo, these guys have “Sweded” the trailer — an homage to the film Be Kind, Rewind, in which the protagonists shoot their own versions of popular movies and pass them off as Swedish imports.

In the wrong hands, a Sweded trailer for Pacific Rim could easily seem dumb and unfunny. Thankfully, it was completely in the right hands.

Here’s hoping these guys Swede the entire movie after it comes out in July.

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