Sony PlayStation 4 to Out-Power PCs, Game Developer Says

While many of us were disappointed with Sony’s recent unveiling of the PlayStation 4 video game console, one thing from the February 19 event was clear: the PS4 will be a very powerful machine.

How powerful, you ask? According to the co-founder of Avalanche Studios — the company that makes the Just Cause games — it will “out-power most PCs for years to come.”

Avalanche Studios co-founder Linus Blomberg made that comment in a recent interview with GamingBolt.

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Given that the PC is widely considered the place to view the gaming industry’s best graphics, that’s a powerful statement. For example, most critics reviewing the recently-released Crysis 3 insist people play the game on a high-powered gaming rig rather than the aging Xbox 360 and PS3.

But Blomberg believes the PS4 and a new Xbox console will help change that.

“It’s always very exciting with a new console cycle, for a number of reasons,” Blomberg said. “The consoles desperately need a boost since having been overtaken in terms of performance by PCs several years ago, and also losing market share to mobile platforms.”

As for the PS4, Blomberg believes the device will “not only be a very powerful gaming machine from a hardware perspective, but it will also be a social tool and integrated marketplace more akin to the successful mobile devices.”

It’s expected that Blomberg’s company will soon unveil Just Cause 3, which should ship for next- and current-generation consoles in late 2013 or 2014.

Blomberg says he looks forward to producing games on the PS4. “It’s a perfect fit for the types of games we do, and we are confident that we’ll bring open-world gaming to a whole new level because of it. I’m glad Sony decided to go with 8gb RAM because it means that the PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come.”

The PlayStation 4 is expected to hit stores later this year. A new Xbox console, which Microsoft is expected to unveil next month, is also rumored for a late 2013 launch.

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