Hooters Ballgirl Picks Up Live Baseball, Tosses It to Fan (VIDEO)

Every year or so, this exact story happens: a ballboy or ballgirl (are we supposed to say ballperson?) absentmindedly grabs a ball that’s in play at a Major League Baseball game and tosses it to the crowd. Then, within mere seconds usually, that (soon-to-be former) ballsomething gets tossed from the game.

Photo credit: PHL17

It’s a pretty big deal in the eyes of MLB — you just can’t have non-players interacting with live play if your sport wants to maintain any semblance of legitimacy — but it should be less of a big deal when it happens in the pre-season, right?

You’d think so. Yet when the mistake is made not by an innocent young child, but rather by a woman wearing shorts so small you can’t help but worry they’ll be sucked into the black hole of her butt crack, it somehow seems way worse.

Maybe I’m sexist (I’m trying my very best not to be here), but can someone explain to me why there’s a Hooters girl on the field? It seems totally inappropriate. The sexism’s on the part of MLB and not me, right? …Right?

To her credit, she seems to realize pretty quickly that she has made a big boo-boo. And, I suppose, everyone makes mistakes. She isn’t exactly breaking down the blonde bimbo stereotype associated with her profession, though.

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