World’s Greatest Dad? This Guy’s Sandwich Art Makes Him a Contender (PHOTOS)

Every little boy yearns for love and affirmation from his old man.

All too often, dad is distant or aloof — sometimes downright hostile — and the son suffers some kind of deep emotional blackening.

“Daddy never came to my little league game,” is likely an oft-repeated mantra on  psychiatric couches.

So when a proud papa makes a kind, thoughtful gesture — no matter how small — it can have the opposite effect, giving the little whippersnapper a boost of confidence and esteem.

David Laferriere is an awesome dad — or so it would seem from a little pick-me-ups he has been giving his kids every day for the past five years.

Each morning, when packing his kids’ lunches, the artistically inclined dad (a graphic designer by trade) whips out some colored Sharpies and doodles a cartoon on the plastic sandwich bag.

Although the drawings are pretty simple, they serve as daily reminders to his children that their dad is pretty darned cool. And apparently he makes a decent bologna sandwich, too.

Laferriere posts photos of his handiwork on Flickr, since keeping crumb-filled plastic bags might eventually prove unsanitary. Here are some of his finest masterpieces:

laferriere sandwich

Photo via Flickr

David Laferriere

Photo via Flickr


Photo via Flickr

sandwich artist

Photo via Flickr

sandwich bag father

Photo via Flickr

Sandwich laferriere

Photo via Flickr

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