DeAndre Jordan Almost Killed Brandon Knight With This Dunk (VIDEO)

The dunk heard ’round the world. No doubt you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, read the words later — and click on the video now.

How can we flip the perspective of this dunk and state anything other than the obvious? How about offering some props to Brandon Knight? The fact that he’s 6’3″, and he had the brass (or sheer stupidity) to take on a 6’11” power forward in an act of self-sacrifice. Maybe Knight didn’t realize he was risking his life when he left the floor, but as he crashed down on his back, I can only imagine he was thinking to himself, “…worst decision ever…” Then the ball hit him in the head at what seemed like 60 mph.

If anyone has ever wondered what it would look like if a Kawasaki Ninja took on a Peterbilt diesel truck, and they met in a head-on collision, now you know. Actually, it might not even seem this violent. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably thought Knight was dead for like two seconds.

Props to the young, Pistons guard, who might have made an impressive defensive play… if he weren’t trying to block the shot of the hardest dunker in the world. And if Hyland DeAndre Jordan Jr. isn’t the hardest dunker in the world, he’s in the top two. His only competition is his “Lob City” teammate, Blake Griffin.

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