Is Kraft Mac & Cheese About to Lose Its Orange Glow?

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Here’s a shocker: there’s orange dye in Kraft Mac & Cheese.

That’s right, the radioactive glow of the cheesy magma that smothers your favorite quickie carbo-load meal is not naturally occurring.

OK, maybe that was a foregone conclusion made by any half-sensible person who has been visually assaulted by the cheapo foodstuff.

But it came as a terrifying realization to a pair of female food bloggers in North Carolina who have started a petition to encourage Kraft to stop using the colorants.

Their rationale is that the dyes involved — yellow dye 5 and yellow dye 6 (wait, no orange?!) — add nothing to the flavor but have potentially nasty side effects.

Indeed, some studies have shown connections between artificial food dyes and hyperactivity in children, as well as migraines and other nasty symptoms.

But it seems the well-meaning bloggers might have somewhat lost the plot. Dehydrated pasta tubules smothered in astronaut-caliber reconstituted cheese powder might not be the best thing to be feeding children in the first place.

That’s not to say suggest Kraft Mac & Cheese should be stripped from store shelves, of course. It’s yummy. And it has an appealing, sunny glow that nicely treats seasonal affective disorder.

Removing some artificial dyes won’t transform cheesy pasta glop into a magically nutritious organic quinoa pilaff. It will just make it look a lot less fun.

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One Response to Is Kraft Mac & Cheese About to Lose Its Orange Glow?

  1. This is a stupid headline… pure clickbait. Two bloggers complain about something a multi-national corporation does and your headline is “Is Mega-corp about to make a major change to their top selling product?”

    I don’t expect much from Manolith, but I expect better than this.