Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Revealed: ‘Interstellar’ Will Take the ‘Dark Knight’ Director to Space

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Christopher Nolan, the writer and director of the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, and probably the single hottest name in all of Hollywood right now, is heading to outer space — from the comfort of his director’s chair, of course.

Nolan basically had a blank check to make any film he wanted without any budget limitations following his string of mega-successes, and his choice has just been revealed. The movie is tentatively tiled Interstellar and this is the synopsis:

The film will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.

That’s pretty vague — it could be Star Trek, Star Wars or, heck, The Last Starfighter — but Nolan has no reason to give away any juicy details at this time.

The plot is rumored to be pretty complex, with wormholes and time travel involved. Kinda sounds like Inception in space.

The script for Interstellar was written by Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, who’s penned movies like The Prestige and The Dark Knight (both of which he co-wrote with his brother). It’s a safe bet that Christopher had plenty of say in the plot.

Rival studios Paramount and Warner Bros. are teaming up to produce the movie, which suggests that the budget will be pretty huge. As we said, Nolan’s name is so hot in Hollywood that he can basically back an empty truck up to any studio’s lot and drive away with it full of money.

Even though the movie has yet to go into production, Interstellar already has a release date: November 7, 2014. That’s just 18 months away. Plan your lining up outside the theater accordingly, Nolan fanboys.

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