Today Is Boring, So Here’s a Surfing Pig (VIDEO)

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Our mandate at Manolith is to bring you the news that’s interesting, be it sports, tech or pop culture. Heck, we even dabble in a little science and politics when there’s a story with some real oomph. If something happens and it’s worth a read or a watch, you’ll find it here — most days, at least.

It’s been real tough to do our jobs this morning. Today is what we in the biz call a slow news day. No great sports highlights from last night to show you. No feuds from the world of entertainment. No cool product launches. Just … nothing. Google laid off some Motorola employees — boring. The Miami Dolphin signed Matt Moore as a backup quarterback — who cares? And we sure as hell aren’t covering Justin Bieber’s wussy collapse.

Nothing is happening today. It seems like a day ripe for an out-of-nowhere scandal to hit, like the Manti Teo fiasco.

But, for now, everything’s crawling along at a snail’s pace.

So, here’s a surfing pig:

His name is Zorro and he’s only two months old. His owner claims that he’s been surfing since he was just three weeks old, though it’s unclear if he’s even stepped on the board voluntarily.

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