Is This the Most Realistic Military Shooter Ever? (VIDEO)

ARMA 3 is currently in the final stages of development, and by many accounts it is expected to be one of the most realistic open-world tactical shooter games of its generation.

Once they work the bugs out, that is.

Case in point:

shooter glitch

Image via Reddit

Watch it repeatedly while listening to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” for added enjoyment.

To be fair, game developers Bohemia Interactive are currently in the alpha testing stage, which is exactly when they look for hiccups like the one above.


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Then again, for those of us who enjoy random failures of faux-physics in our games, that’s exactly the kind of snafu we love to discover.

Realism schmealism. What better way to break the tension of a desert firefight than to launch one of your fellow soldiers to the moon on an impromptu rocket?

Sadly, intense beta testing of the game is scheduled to start soon, and by the time ARMA 3 hits shelves the unwitting cosmonaut glitch will almost certainly be fixed.

There’s still some hope for bug-lovers, however. Although the game’s predecessor, ARMA 2, was met with mostly favorable reviews, some critics complained about annoying glitchiness (such as dimwitted fighter pilots flying into trees, or a mission to rescue a man who’s already dead).

Here’s hoping that, upon its release, ARMA three has a few little gems like Rocket Man.

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