Chris Brown Threatens a Valet Worker Over $10 (VIDEO)

Chris Brown was having a(nother) rough go of it yesterday. Maybe he spent too much time in the air, or maybe it’s just the fact that he’s an entitled, spoiled, colossal a**hat. This kid has issues that may be too deep and treacherous for even the most experienced psychologist to dive into.

Cruising via private jet, Brown and his entourage stopped to refuel in Bermuda. It was there that Brown booted one of his bodyguards from the party after an argument, making the guard catch a commercial flight back to New York. The rest of the crew hopped over the continental United States to hit a charity event at PINZ, a Los Angeles-area bowling alley.

After staying for 30 minutes, Brown emerged to get his keys from the valet stand. At that point, the following exchange took place. Thanks to the questionable, yet extremely powerful gossip and media voice of TMZ, we have this wonderful gem.

Is there a bigger a**hole on the face of the planet? Does this guy pick on anyone his own size? Or does he just threaten (and actually beat) people, like women, Hispanic valet workers and Frank Ocean? I wish ill on no one, and I hope this kid can get his crap figured out. In the meantime, I won’t shed a single tear if his posse comes up against an unexpected and immovable force.

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