‘Breaking Bad’ Amazingly Re-imagined as a 1990s Sitcom (VIDEO)

breaking bad 1990s

Photo via YouTube

Breaking Bad is arguably the defining TV show of our times.

The meth-infused melodrama is a potent blend of moral ambiguity, gut-wrenching violence, pitch-black humor and ever-spiraling despair — perfect for a jaded, post-post-9/11 world.

In short, it’s everything that 1990s sitcoms like Blossom and Family Matters were not.

Perhaps that’s what inspired some insane genius with crackerjack editing skills to stitch together one of the most brilliant spoof videos in recent memory.

Whoever is behind the clip was clearly weaned on the schmaltzy feel-good twaddle of 1990s television, and can probably name every harebrained get-rich-quick scheme Zack Morris attempted behind Mr. Belding’s back.

This Breaking Bad spoof captures every cliche of quintessential mid-’90s sitcom opening sequence: the repetitive, major-chord jingle sung in three-part harmony (“One Little White Lie” is the perfect choice), the inevitable image wobble associated with the VHS era, the montage of characters smiling through zany situations — everything.

This video is the perfect antidote to help Breaking Bad fans cope with the meth-like withdrawal symptoms until their beloved addiction returns for its final season in July.

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