The New Orleans Hornets Forgot Which Side of the Court to Defend Last Night (VIDEO)

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The New Orleans Hornets are on the fast-track to a lottery pick in the NBA Draft (and a new name, too). The franchise is — and this is putting it nicely — a joke. It needs a refresh in a bad, bad way.

It looks like things are going to get worse before they get better down in the Bayou. The Hornets took things to a whole new level of pitiful last night. They don’t make facepalm pictures strong enough for this story.

Very late in a tied game against the Los Angeles Lakers, the entire Hornets team forgot which side of the court they were supposed to defend. The Lakers inbounded the ball and Kobe Bryant had a free run down the court for an uncontested dunk.

Take a look:

How does something like that possibly happen? Are brainfarts contagious now?

An error like this would be crazy to see in a game between children. The fact that professionals who get paid millions to play basketball could do something this embarrassing is absolutely staggering.

The commentators in the video credit the Lakers for a “masterful call,” but the only reason you’re reading this story is the utter stupidity of the entire Hornets team. The Lakers may have identified that stupidity and cleverly crafted a play to exploit it, but there’s no way to frame this story as one where the Lakers are in the headline. All the blame and shame has to go to the Hornets.

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