Love Big Boobs? You Might Be a Jerk, Says Science

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Science sometimes makes shocking breakthroughs that overturn conventional wisdom and unveil profound new understanding of our world and ourselves.

More often, though, science confirms stuff we kinda already knew.

Here’s an example of the latter: science has just confirmed that men who love to ogle big knockers are probably more sexist than dudes who like small or average-sized boobs.

Makes sense, right? Fellas who salivate over silicone-supplemented sweater spheres tend to be obnoxious, cat-calling horndogs, while men who prefer smaller breasts are the kinder, more sensitive types.

Well, it’s actually not quite so clear-cut, according to a new study by University of Westminster scientists recently published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Researches showed 361 men images depicting breasts of various sizes, from very small to a-wooo-gah, and asked them to rate which ones they liked best.

And yes, the study does indicate that men who love big boobs tend to exhibit more sexist traits. A fraction of them even exhibited hostile attitudes toward women.

But there’s some subtlety: most of these big boob enthusiasts exhibited “benevolent sexism,” meaning they equate big boobs with a “traditional” sense of femininity. These men aren’t necessarily the front-row oglers at strip clubs — they’re just guys who subconsciously equate big bosoms with old-fashioned notions of female roles and identities.

The largest percentage of the 361-man sample group responded that they preferred not-too-big, not-too-small Goldilocks glands.

In short: “Well, duh.”

Although the report makes no mention of this, it’s safe to assume that all 361 men surveyed asked to look at the images again, just to be sure.

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