10 Fantastic Facial Expressions of the Late Paul Bearer

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Paul Bearer has died. For real this time.

William “Paul Bearer” Moody, who portrayed one of the most iconic (and preposterous) managers in wrestling history, passed away yesterday at age 58.

The man who’s oft-repeated catch phrase was “rest in peace” is now doing precisely that, and the wrestling world is suitably saddened by his loss.

Anyone who watched professional wrestling over the past few decades — whether they’ll admit to it or not — knows exactly who Paul Bearer was.

In an industry populated with copycats, stereotypes and tanned musclemen, Paul Bearer was a true original.  He was a pudgy, pale-faced mortician with a soprano howl who carried a brass urn that held a magical sway over the maniacs he managed.

The Paul Bearer character was killed off on many occasions in ever-more-ludicrous ways, including getting encased in a block of cement and plummeting off a pair of ladders (the dark comedy of these skits is now much darker).

One thing Paul Bearer did perhaps better than any performer in wrestling history was contorting his face into ridiculous, hilarious expressions. He was a maestro at it.

Here we present 10 of his greatest masterpieces.

10. The Cement Burial Howl

Paul bearer dead

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9. Urning Boos

paul bearer dies

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8. Disliking Boos

Paul Bearer photos

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7. The Mwua-ha-ha-haaa

Paul bearer died

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6. The Sourpuss

Paul Bearer faces

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5. Tough Day at the Office

Paul Bearer passes away

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4. The Shush

Bearer urn

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3. The Jon Daly Impression

Paul Bearer

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2. Another Fine Mess

Paul Bearer edge

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1. The Sneak

Paul Bearer funeral

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