First Horsemeat, Now Poop – What’s Happening to the Food at Ikea?

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Last week, we reported on the discovery of horsemeat in some Swedish meatballs sold at Ikea stores in Europe.

This week, they found something even more gross in the food served at the furniture giant: poop.

Ikea has removed chocolate cake from the menu at its restaurants in 23 nations around the world after high levels of coliform bacteria were discovered in one batch of the dessert dish. These bacteria are commonly found in human and animal feces, so there’s a chance someone down at the chocolate cake factory took a dump in the cake mix. Appetizing!

Ikea’s lawyers have pointed out that coliform bacteria are often found in nature and that the type discovered in the cake are not known to pose any health risk. They said that the cake was recalled voluntarily, however, as Ikea’s quality standards don’t allow for the presence of any coliform bacteria.

The cake was produced by a supplier in Sweden and the bacteria was first discovered by authorities in China. Imagine that — China is now rejecting products from the West for being of poor quality.

Luckily for those of us in the U.S., none of the cake in the affected batch had been shipped to our shores.

That said, it’s probably time for all of us to stop eating dinner at a furniture store, right? How did that ever sound like a good idea in the first place?

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