After Going Missing for Two Days in Maine Winter, Teen Skier Emerges Alive and Credits ‘Man vs. Wild’

Photo credit: Maine Warden Service

Nicholas Joy has earned his Man-Card. As an official representative of Manolith, I declare him a bad-ass, with applied knowledge skills and wisdom beyond his 17 years.

Young Mr. Joy was skiing over the weekend in Maine with his dad, Robert Joy. The two were to meet at the bottom of the mountain to travel back to their transport together. Allegedly, Nicholas attempted to hike back via shortcut and ended up getting lost. As night set in, Robert alerted authorities, while Nicholas was busy building himself a snow shelter.

Nicholas found a nearby stream, and was able to drink water to keep himself hydrated. Within his makeshift snow cave, he used brush and branches to help provide warmth and keep dry.

On Monday, a large search party was organized, but high winds created poor visibility and the search was suspended. Early today, the search resumed and Nicholas was able to find a set of snowmobile tracks. Soon after, he was rescued, unharmed and looking no worse for the wear.

Like a boss. Beast. Stud. This dude is worthy of all these titles and more.

It’s safe to assume most people would have panicked and possibly frozen to death by morning. This guy spent another day exploring possibility, fighting off inclement weather and spending a second night in an igloo while drinking stream water.

According to his parents, the kid the young man is a fan of survival shows. In particular, he loved the knowledge and wisdom offered on Man vs. Wild, starring the incomparable Bear Grylls.

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  1. Wait! You’re saying this genius got lost but was able to figure out that he still needed to drink water and covered himself with some brush to keep warm? Wow. Thank god TV taught this Einstein so much.