Getting Paid For Sex: A Yale Tradition?

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Nine percent of Yale students have been paid for sex!

Yep, nearly a tenth of the venerable Ivy League institution’s students are essentially prostitutes.

Of course, that’s only if you put any stock in the results of a recent survey, which you almost certainly should not.

A group of Yale students surveyed last weekend revealed that a whopping nine percent had “been paid for sex at least once.”

This seems at first like a shocking result, especially at one of America’s most fancypants, traditional Ivy League schools.

The figure is substantially less shocking, however, when you take a closer look at the survey.

The survey was apparently administered to roughly 40 students who attended a so-called Sex Weekend, a workshop was designed to “reconsider the idea of normal,” which can hardly be considered a representative sample of the entire student body.

The nine percent result has less oomph when you do the math and realize that only a few students — each attending a workshop about unusual sexual proclivities — admitted to accepting money for sex.

When you think about it, it’s somewhat surprising the percentage wasn’t a little higher. Tuition at Yale ain’t cheap, after all.

Alas, the flawed “nine percent” tells us more about bad surveys than it does about the sexual proclivities of the Yale co-eds.

Perhaps Harvard will produce more scientific findings about prostitution in its populace.

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