22-Year-Old Man Pretends to Be Teenager So He Can Play High School Basketball

Photo via blogs.knoxnews.com

There’s a college basketball team in Memphis, TN that just had 10 players suspended for a huge fight that took place during a game and had an assistant coach get murdered in his own home.

And neither of those things is the weirdest thing to happen to the team this month.

It just came to light that one of the players on Ridgeway High School’s basketball team is, in fact, a 22-year-old man and not a real high school student. His name is either McKinzie or McKenzie Sewell, depending on which media report you believe.

Sewell wanted so badly to play high school basketball that he had his 35-year-old girlfriend portray his mother. Just imagine what kind of balls is took for him to ask her to do that. “Honey… you look kind of old and wrinkly. Would you mind trying to look even older, so I can go school some kids on the court?”

Only after Sewell got into trouble at school was his true identity revealed. Presumably, he was actually going to class and doing all the things necessary to remain eligible (despite his obvious ineligibility, due to age) for the team. Once the cat was out of the bag, investigators discovered that he transferred from Louisiana, where he had already earned a GED.

Ridgeway High School was considered a contender for the state title, but that obviously won’t be happening now. The program was kicked out of the competition.

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