Chinese Gravediggers Provide “Corpse Brides” for Dead Bachelors

Ghost marriage

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Who says romance is dead?

The Chinese do, apparently.

Or at least the four Chinese men who were reportedly arrested and charged this week for digging up female cadavers to sell on the black market as “corpse brides” for recently deceased bachelors.

Ten non-blushing brides were unearthed, gussied up in bridal costumes and sold to be used in ghost marriages — a centuries-old custom that promises eternal companionship for bachelors who have died alone.

Ghost marriages reportedly date back to the 17th century in China, though they are becoming increasingly rare as the Chinese populace has become increasingly less creepy.

Even still, there’s a booming market for the decomposing darlings, which fetched an estimated $38,000 on the black market before the gravediggers got sentenced to two years in jail apiece.

The latest arrests were only the latest incident of macabre matrimony in China over the past few years. Last year, one particularly fetching femme fatale was exhumed not once but twice for ghost marriages to lonesome, dead bachelors.

‘Til death do us part, apparently, is a predominantly Western sentiment.

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