Think Baseball is Boring? Watch This College Pitcher Tackle a Base Runner (VIDEO)

For those of you who find baseball to be slow and boring, maybe you’re just not watching the right baseball games.

Allow me to properly set the stage. NCAA Div. III schools Berry College (Mount Berry, GA) and Hendrix College (Conway, AR) were doing a little diamond battle in the great state of Arkansas Sunday night.

Levi Austin was on the mound for Berry. In the video, he’s struggling through a jam with two runners in scoring position. Enjoy the magic:

There have been plenty WTF moments in the game of baseball, but this one definitely ranks toward the top. When you watch it a second time, you can almost pinpoint that moment when Austin thinks to himself, “I’m taking his a** out!” The base runner, Collin Radack, pops up quickly, but looks as confused as everyone else who witnessed the event.

The best part of the entire melee? The runner on second base coming around to score, then immediately jumping into the scrum.

What happened after the video ended? Austin came back to the mound and finished the inning and, late in the game, his team came back to win 9-7. After officials reviewed the video, Austin was suspended for Berry’s next game.

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