Lucky Kid Falls Out of Third-Story Window, Does Two Flips, Lands on Feet (VIDEO)

A young boy from Aurora, CO is lucky to be alive today, after he fell out of a third story window.

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Four-year-old Dylan Hayes was standing on a couch in his apartment when he lost his balance and fell out of the window. He landed on a pile of rocks below, which is quite possibly the single worst thing to land on (other than a pile of knives, maybe).

Somehow, he was unhurt.

Witnesses reported that Hayes did two full somersaults as he tumbled to the ground — and somehow managed to land on his feet. He was taken to the hospital and immobilized as a precaution, but was discharged after less than a day, when it was determined that he was, incredibly, just fine.

“I fall … really, really far,” Hayes told a local television reporter.

His family credited “angels” for protecting him. Frankly, it’s difficult to come up with an explanation that’s more plausible than that. Unless Hayes is the reincarnation of Spider-Man, it does kinda seem like there was some Angels in the Outfield-type stuff going on.

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