Is Alex Rodriguez’s Charity Foundation a Scam?

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Alex Rodriguez. Once upon a time, he was the best all-around short stop in the game of baseball.

Do you remember that version of A-Rod? He played for the Seattle Mariners. It’s tough to think that far back — before the money, the women, the scandal — it seems like it was a different baseball era.

However, we can all easily recollect his recent on-the-field/off-the-field issues: his admission to using performance enhancing drugs; his various women; his underachievement on the field; his questionable play and sportsmanship during competition. These issues make you question the guy’s ethics. And if they don’t, please… consider one more.

Sports Illustrated recently highlighted the 2006 tax filings for the A-Rod Family Foundation. According to the official documents filed with the IRS, the foundation raised a total of $403,862 in 2006, and donated $5,090 to charitable funds. One donation was a $5,000 gift to Jay Z‘s Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund. The other $90 went to a Little League team in Miami.

Something tells me the people giving their money to the A-Rod Family Foundation, weren’t offering those funds so a measly one percent would be offered to worthy recipients.

Yes, this factual morsel gets even better… or worse, depending on your perspective.

The IRS stripped the organization of its non-profit status in 2007, because it failed to properly submit all of its tax filings and necessary paperwork. Quick math suggests that was between 5-6 years ago. Yet, as of earlier today, the foundation website still claimed to be a 501c3 non-profit. So, how many people were duped over the last several years?

The A-Rod Family Foundation… or the A-Fraud Family Foundation?

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