‘Brogurt’ (Yogurt For Men) Is Now a Real Thing You Can Eat

Photo credit: Powerful Yogurt on Facebook

Who wants some “brogurt?”

No, it’s not a slang term for you-can-probably-guess-what. It’s a real product that you can really buy and really eat.

Sort of, at least. It’s not actually called “brogurt,” though that’s what everyone in the world will surely call it. The product in question is actually called Powerful Yogurt and it claims to be the world’s first yogurt designed for the nutrition needs of a man. Yep, it’s yogurt for dudes.

The people at Powerful Yogurt say that their product is “all-natural, super-protein, great-tasting and nutritious Greek yogurt specifically designed to meet the health and performance needs of busy men living an active lifestyle.”

So, in other words, it’s basically just regular Greek yogurt, which is a product that just happens to be rich in protein.

Photo credit: WWE

Why would this yogurt appeal to men over, say, Chobani or one of the other leaders in the competitive world of Greek yogurt? Well, for one, the packaging is predominantly black and features red and white accents, including a logo that resembles the one on the T-shirts made famous by WWE star The Rock (and it probably isn’t a coincidence it’s that way).

Come to think of it, the packaging might be the only reason why men would decide to scoop up some Powerful Yogurt instead of some less powerful yogurt.

The smart money is on this product launch taking the same path to irrelevance as recent “for men only” products like Dr. Pepper Ten (which will always be known for some of the dumbest commercials ever) and Manscara.

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