Sony Shows Off PlayStation 4 Interface in New Screenshots (PHOTOS)

One of the most disappointing things about Sony’s February 20 PlayStation 4 unveiling was that we didn’t actually see the PlayStation 4. Sure, we caught a glimpse of upcoming, next-generation games (like boring old Killzone), but Sony clearly wasn’t as prepared as most gamers would have liked.

Now, the company has released a handful of screenshots that show off the PS4’s interface. As you can see below, not much has changed — the basic main screen interface looks very similar to the interface found on the PlayStation 3.

However, a number of the shots demonstrate Sony’s commitment to allowing PS4 gamers to share their experiences with friends. One of the key announcements at last week’s “unveiling” (if you can call it that) was the PlayStation 4’s integration with mobile devices and social media. Gamers can easily record their favorite gaming moments and instantly pass them along to their pals.

One of the images shows how gamers can edit their videos to save friends from having to sit through hours of gameplay. Another reveals what the smartphone integration interface will look like.

So, does this make you any more, or less, excited for the PS4?

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