Mother Murders Son Because He Had a Small Penis

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Having a small penis isn’t the best thing in the world, for obvious reasons. The small-penised among us (not saying I’m a member of this group… but also not saying I’m not) face occasional discrimination in the form of locker room taunts and snickering women, but we can always count on the unconditional love of our mothers, right?

Not anymore — at least, in the case of a nine-year-old Indonesian boy who was recently killed by his own mom.

A 38-year-old woman from Jakarta told police that she drowned her son in a bathtub because she was concerned that his small penis would be a hindrance on his life as an adult. I don’t know a ton about Indonesian culture, but apparently penis size is a really big deal over there. Or, you know, the woman is bonkers. What kind of mom even thinks about her pre-teen son’s penis?

Adding insult to injury (a fatal injury, nonetheless), the woman said that her son’s penis was always tiny, but it got even smaller following his circumcision. Yeah, that’s kind of the point, lady. What — did they cut off more than they meant to? Even if they did, you decided that the best course of action was to murder him?

After the boy died, his mother dressed him in nice clothes, laid his body on a bed and went to the police station to turn herself in.

Obviously, police have ordered psychological tests for the woman.

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