Invincible Shark Survives Being Shot at ‘At Least 20 Times’ By Police Officers, Kills Swimmer (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Associated Press

Before we begin, it’s necessary to note that the following story is really sad. A 46-year-old TV and film director, and father of one, named Adam Strange was killed after he was attacked by sharks while swimming in the ocean at a popular tourist beach in New Zealand yesterday. His family is said to be “utterly distraught,” as you’d expect them to be, and our condolences are with them.

What makes this story much more than simply the sad tale of a man killed before his time is precisely how it all happened. According to reports, local authorities were aware that a great white shark had attacked a man in the water and they desperately rode out in boats — and even a helicopter — and fired at the shark “at least 20 times.”

Yes, police opened fire on a shark. And it wasn’t enough to subdue it.

At least, it wasn’t enough to subdue all the sharks. According to reports, a lone shark was responsible for the initial attack on Strange, which filled the water in the area with blood. This attracted other sharks, which made the rescue operation much more difficult.

Photo credit: Associated Press

“All I was thinking was I wanted to jump in the water and help but I didn’t want to get attacked by a shark, too,” said one witness.

The remains of one shark washed up on the beach after the whole ordeal was over, but all the other sharks escaped either unscathed or with bullet wounds that didn’t slow them down very much.

Great white sharks are very rare in the area, but information is now emerging that suggests they had been spotted swimming nearby over the weekend.

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