Possibly Bitter Seth MacFarlane Says “No Way” Would He Host Oscars Again

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The general consensus regarding Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar hosting job is that he did okay.

He definitely didn’t blow the roof off the joint and he didn’t really produce any moments that will go down in Oscars history — or even any jokes that anyone remembers even two days later — but he also didn’t totally blow it. Sure, some of his bits felt toothless and dragged on for way too long with way too little payoff at the end (like the whole time-traveling William Shatner thing), but MacFarlane was certainly no David Letterman-level disaster.

It sounds like MacFarlane didn’t particularly enjoy the hosting experience, however. Asked on Twitter whether he would consider hosting again if The Academy asked him to, he had this to say:

Yikes. That kind of sounds like some stuff went on behind the scenes that rubbed MacFarlane the wrong way. Did he try to push through more offensive jokes and get shut down? Or perhaps he was simply exhausted by the whole process — he looked incredibly nervous and somewhat worn down during the broadcast. The outright “no way” suggests that there’s some bitterness there. Then again, maybe he knows that he took his best shot, didn’t really succeed and he sees no point is giving it another go-around.

It probably won’t matter whether MacFarlane wants to host again or not, as it appears very unlikely that he’ll be invited back. As Shatner came right out and said, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are basically locks to get offered the job next year, should they want to. After that, who knows. By then, society may have degraded enough that Daniel Tosh will get the gig.

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